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Open a Ticket

This is the best way to get something done quickly. Whatever your problem, ctreating a Support Ticket will ensure your request gets handled promptly, and efficiently.

Send a Text - (203) 885-7785

If it's really urgent, first OPEN A TICKET. Then send us a text and tell us. In truth, we probably will already know about your ticket and the text will be superfluous. But, it will make you feel better and relieve some stress, knowing that you've taken extra steps to ensure things get fixed fast. And just in case we missed your ticket, we will get a second chance to get right on it for you!

Call Us - (203) 885-7785

We know that sometimes, nothing can replace a phone call. But here's the thing...we're on the phone a lot, and chances are you are going to go straight to voicemail. Of ALL the ways to reach us, waiting for us to check voicemail is...we promise...probably the slowest way to get our attention. Instead, try one opening a ticket instead, tell us about your problem and ASK US TO CALL YOU! We'll get in touch as soon as we possibly can. Promise!

Helpful Tip

Service Contracts get you to the top of the queue! That's right...if there's ever a wait for service (it's rare, but it does happen), we always prioritize our contract customers. Sign up today...ask your support representative, or Open a Ticket!